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Act of Donation – Movable

Affidavit of Cancellation by Prescription

Affidavit of Death

Affidavit of Identity/Distinction

Affidavit of Minister




Article 3945 Compliance Sheet

Assumed Business Name

Bill of Sale

Cash Sale Deed

Cancellation by Prescription

Certificate of Clerk

Certificate of Marriage-Fillable

Civil Fee Schedule

Clerks Suit Petition

Confirmation Certificate

Covenant Marriage Affidavits (before marriage)

Covenant Marriage Affidavits (after marriage)

Court Calendar -2021

Confirmation Certificate

Declaration of Immobilization

Declaration of De-Immobilization

Donation Deed

General Power of Attorney

In Forma Pauperis Affidavit

Instructions for Filing Clerks Suit

Jury Questionaire

Lost Note Affidavit

Marriage Application-Fillable

Translation Form Birth Certificate

Modification of Child Support

Mortgage Certificate Request

Oath of Office

Quit Claim Deed

Recording Fee Schedule – 08/17/2017

Release by Obligee of Record Pursuant to R.S. 9:5169

Request for Cancellation

Request for Cancellation by Financial Institution Pusuant to R.S. 9:5172

Request for Cancellation of Prescribed Judicial Mortgage

Request for Certificate

Request for Criminal_Subpoena

Return Date/Hearing Cover Sheet

Revocation of Power of Attorney

Notice of Reinscription

Notice of Repossession

UCC Forms and Fee Schedule

UPPJ Requirements for mobile home placement

UPPJ Requirements for new residential construction

UPPJ Requirements for recreational structures