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How to Apply for a Marriage License

  1. Both parties must be present in the Clerk’s Office at the time of application. If one party cannot be present, that party shall sign the competed application before a notary prior to the other applicant’s arrival at the Clerk’s Office.
  2. Certified Copies of birth certificates for both parties are required. If needed, Louisiana Birth Certificates may be purchased from the State through the Union Parish Clerk of Court ($34 fee per copy mandated by state).
  3. Social Security Numbers are required.
  4. One of the following forms of ID is required:
    1. valid and unexpired driver’s license
    2. government issued ID card
    3. valid and unexpired password
    4. unexpired Visa accompanied by U.S. Form I-94
  5. If you are using the paper application, please have this filled out before you come to the Clerk’s office. If you are using the online marriage application, please have your confirmation number available.
  6. Pay the $32.50 fee for marriage license in cash, check, or credit card.  This office will issue duplicate originals for you to keep one for your records.


  • Armed Forces members need not be present to sign the license before a Deputy Clerk if the co-applicant attaches a copy of the member’s Military ID.
  • If one party cannot be present to sign the license before a Deputy Clerk, the application may be signed before a Notary Public.
  • If an applicant does not have a social security number or a valid and unexpired passport from the country of the applicant’s birth, an unexpired visa accompanied by Form I-94 issued by the U.S. is required.
  • If an applicant was born outside of the U.S. and does not have a U.S. certified birth certificate, all of the following must be provided:
    1. certified copy of the person’s birth certificate from the place of birth
    2. a translation to English of the birth certificate (if it is not in English), including a sworn declaration of translation
    3. valid and unexpired passport or unexpired visa with U.S. issued Form I-94 verifying applicant is lawfully in the country.

Additional Information

  • The license is valid for thirty (30) days. If not used, it must be returned to the Clerk’s Office to be renewed. An additional fee is charged for renewal. If the license is not used, it should be returned to be cancelled off the books. The fee is not refunded.
  • Two (2) adult witnesses are required to sign the marriage license and certificate of marriage at the time of the ceremony.
  • The original marriage license and certificate of marriage shall be delivered to the Clerk’s Office for recording within 10 days after the marriage ceremony.
  • Ministers are required to register with the Clerk of Court according to Act 229 of 1952.

Online Marriage Application

The Union Parish Clerk of Court is now offering a free online service that allows a couple to apply online for a marriage license. Now you can apply online anytime from anywhere.

  1. Enter the bride/groom/spouse information for both parties.
  2. Type in the security code generated at the bottom of the screen and click Submit.
  3. A Confirmation Screen will then appear with your confirmation number.
  4. Bring this confirmation Number or the printed confirmation page to our office for final proccessing.

COVENANT MARRIAGE for Presently Married Couples

Couples who are presently married may execute a Declaration of Intent to designate their marriage a covenant marriage. They must sign a Recitation and Affidavit with Attestation similar to those above, after receiving counseling. The counselor must attest to the counseling. The intent to designate a marriage as a covenant marriage must be filed with the official who issued the couple’s marriage license and with whom their marriage certificate is filed. If the couple was married outside of Louisiana, a copy of their marriage certificate, with the Declaration of Intent shall be filed with the officer who issues marriage licenses in the parish of the couple’s domicile.