The Criminal Department is responsible for the filing of all formal charges from the 3rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office in the Parish of Union, Louisiana. This department handles all charges that fall under the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedures and occur within the Parish of Union.

1. At the request of the State or defendant the Criminal Department will issue a subpoena to witness requiring their process in court.  Please use this form to request us to issue said subpoena:Request for Criminal_Subpoena or to issue a subpoena duces tecum: Criminal_Subpoena_Duces_Tecum.

The Criminal Department consists of Processing Deputy Clerks and Minutes Clerks.   The Minute Clerks responsibilities are to transcribe an outline of what occurs in court, administer the oath to all jurors and witnesses and keep all evidence introduced by either the State or the defendant.  Processing Deputy Clerks are responsible for processing the cases to be heard in court for each Judge.  Also, they issue  subpoenas and post of all motions and orders into the computer system, that are filed in the department.