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The Union Parish Clerk of Court is not to provide any legal advice or technical help to attorneys or pro se applicants regarding the preparation or filing process of expungements. For assistance contact the LA Bureau of Criminal Information in Baton Rouge, LA. An attorney or pro se applicant must do their own research on the case and decide how to complete the Expungement form.


Applicant must have all fees ($550) at the time of filing which are non-refundable.

  • Initial filings from the attorney, or defendant must provide the following:
    • Certified copy of the motion and order of Dismissal.
    • Motion for expungement forms filled out with attachments (Bill of Information, incident report, court minutes/disposition).
    • State background check (contact Baton Rouge State Police).
    • Fingerprint card (can be obtained from the Sheriff’s Office).
    • If applicable: a letter of completion of probation, e.g., (felony-verification of first offender pardon or Misdemeanor-termination letter from probation officer.
  • $200 money order payable to Union Parish Clerk of Court.
  • $250 money order payable to Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Investigation as known as Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
  • $50 money order payable to Union Parish District Attorney’s Office.
  • $50 money order payable to Union Parish Sheriff’s Office.

DWI Expungements

DWI expungements require an additional $100 for processing: (2) separate $50.00 money orders, and a separate packet with transmittal letters.

Art. 556/984 repository letters must be sent to the Office of Motor Vehicles prior to filing for expungement.

Expungement Forms

(Please note these forms are also available on the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association website.) All expungements must include the following four (4) forms:

 Some expungements may require that the conviction be set aside and the prosecution dismissed, which will require the following forms:​

 If you were arrested for a felony and convicted of a misdemeanor and you are currently on probation for your misdemeanor, you can request an expungement of your felony arrest only with the following forms. Please note that after you complete your probation, you will need to request a second expungement for your conviction.​

 If your offenses do not fit in the spaces provided in the Motion for Expungement with required additional forms, you will need to include a supplmental sheet behind page 2 of your expungement motion.​

 If you are eligible for a certificate waiving the $550, you should use the following form and submit it to the District Attorney. The District Attorney must consent to the fee waiver and you must include this completed consent form with your expungement paperwork.​