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Civil / Probate

The Civil Department is responsible for the filing of all pleadings relating to civil, probate, adoption records, successions, interdictions, and emancipations, as well as issuing services and notices.

Adoption records are not public. Therefore, copies of adoptions will require a court order to be released. Advance deposits must be paid at the time of filing apart from pauper cases and answers to the original petition in accordance with R.S. 13:843.

Small Claims

In accordance with R.S. 13:502 an individual may file any money claim under the amount of $5,000 on the Clerks Docket; all other claims are filed under the Civil Suits.

Civil Fee Schedule

(Effective: July 20, 2023)

Original Petition, Supplemental and/or Amending Petition, Petition of Intervention, Third Party Demand, Reconventional Demand, Motion for Summary Judgement, Judgement Debtor Examination & Rule for 102 Divorce
(Note: Each Additional Defendant is an additional $150.00 Charge)
Original Petition with attached Order of Rule$450
Original Petition w/Rule & TRO$500
Executory Process (each additional defendant $100.00)$500
Garnishment (includes $50 to answer interrogatories)$450
Curator Fees$450
Service on Secretary of State$50
Rule for summary judgment is subject to exhibits attached$500
Additional for Attorney Appointed in Workman’s Comp Case$125

Clerks Docket Suits

Initial Filing with one Defendant$425
Initial Filing when prepared by Attorney with Petition and Affidavits$400
Note: Each Additional Defendant is an Additional $200 Charge

Probate, Adoption, Interdiction, Judicial Commitment Suits

Initial Filing for Incomplete Suit$425
Initial Filing for Adoption$500

In all matters where filing is not mentioned here, such as interrogatories, etc., the amount to be charged will be on an actual basis (per page, service, mailing and the like) with as correct an estimate as can be made.