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eClerks LA Migration

Important Changes Effective October 2, 2023

The Union Parish Clerk of Court is migrating to eClerks LA for all recordings, including Land, Conveyance, Mortgage, Marriage Licenses, and E-Recordings.

Beginning October 2, 2023, all recordings received will be accessible through eClerks LA. Your current online subscription in COTT E-Search will not display any recordings.

Additionally, eClerks LA will be the only e-recording vendor moving forward. CSC, EPN, InteleDoc, and Simplifile will no longer be available.


As is the case with most software conversions, some hiccups are to be expected. We will be doing our very best to minimize any issues as well as address them in a timely manner.

What is happening?

The Union Parish Clerk of Court will be migrating to a new software provider for all l recordings, including Land, Conveyance, Mortgage, and Marriage Licenses, and E-Recordings.

How do I access eClerks LA?

What about Civil & Criminal online access?

For now, you will continue to use COTT E-Search for Civil & Criminal records and images. This change is specific to recordings only.

What if I have a subscription for Recordings AND Civil & Criminal?

Unfortunately, until Civil & Criminal data has been converted to eClerks LA (targeted in 2024), you will be required to have both a COTT E-Search subscription AS WELL AS an eClerks LA subscription.

If you already have access to COTT E-Search, we will apply those subscription details to your eClerks LA account.

When that subscription expires, renew through eClerks LA, and we can apply those subscription details to your COTT E-Search account.

Is there a help guide for this new software?

Yes there is! eClerks LA provides a detailed help guide in PDF format which can be found here: